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Obama Thanks Japan for Manga and Anime

United States President Barack Obama was feeling particularly grateful while welcoming Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to the White House. He thanked the PM for a handful of Japan’s key cultural contributions to the United States, including, of course, manga and anime.

Here’s what Obama had to say:

“This visit is a celebration of the ties of friendship and family that bind our peoples. I first felt it when I was 6 years old when my mother took me to Japan. I felt it growing up in Hawaii, like communities across our country, home to so many proud Japanese Americans,” Obama said, according to a White House pool report. “Today is also a chance for Americans, especially our young people, to say thank you for all the things we love from Japan. Like karate and karaoke. Manga and anime. And, of course, emojis.”

And here’s the video (via Mashable):

Hopefully Obama and Abe get some time to dig into a few of their favorite series together during the visit. 

Via The Washington Post