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New Anime We Want To Stream Now

This Spring ‘23 anime season has shaped up to be a promising one! Although we’d be lying if we weren’t already looking forward to the new series coming later this year. 

Can you blame us? An endless stream of new titles is coming from Japan this year, but three, in particular, have caught our eyes. Let’s take a peek at what’s to come.

Tying the Knot With an Amagami Sister

April 2023, during a special 2nd anniversary for the manga and Mercy Naito’s birthday celebration, it was announced that Tying the Knot With an Amagami Sister will receive an anime adaptation. 

The title alone of Tying the Knot With an Amagami Sister should give away some clues about the storyline, not to mention the mangaka worked as an assistant on The Quintessential Quintuplets for several years. Uryu, the new homestay tenant of a working shrine, soon finds himself as a potential suitor of one of the three shrine maidens, the Amagami, sisters who help maintain the shrine. 

Originally published as a one-shot in the first 2021 issue of Weekly Shonen Magazine, it was soon serialized, eventually selling over 850,000 copies.  

Kodansha describes the story as such:

Uryu Kamihate has had a rough start to life but plans to forget it all by achieving his dream—matriculating into medical school. But when he arrives at his new foster home, a working shrine, his dream of a quiet place to study goes up in smoke. Not only will he be living with the three beautiful, lively Amagami sisters—but he learns that he must marry one of them and take over the temple!


Story of a Small Senior in My Company

Coming July 2023, Story of a Small Senior in My Company, is the cute slice-of-life of a small, caring senpai and the newly hired employee. It’s simple, adorable, and funny at all the right moments.

Creator Saisou launched the manga on Takeshobo‘s Storia Dash web manga service in April 2020. The story is described as such:

The office romantic comedy centers around the new employee Takuma Shinzaki and Shiori Katase — his short, big-breasted, charming superior at work who cares about her subordinates.

In addition to the first episode, a mini animation project with the main characters, Shiori and Shinozaki, will appear in their chibi versions.

Undead Murder Farce

With a title like Undead Murder Farce, we can’t help but be curious about this new anime. Get ready for an exhilarating, oddity of a detective anime.

When an immortal 962-year-old beautiful detective is recruited to uncover the truth of a vampire’s murder, she proves that she is more than meets the eye.

Kodansha USA Publishing licensed the manga adaptation and writes:

The end of the 19th century—a vampire’s wife is murdered, and the detective known as the “cage user” is called in to solve the crime. But there’s more to the detective and the curtained birdcage he carries…after all, when solving a case involving a monster, it might just take one to know one!

Crunchyroll will stream the series worldwide excluding Asia, July 2023.

What new anime are you waiting on the edge of your seat for? 

Brianna Fox-Priest

Brianna Fox-Priest is a freelance journalist based in Tokyo. Covering video games and Japanese pop culture, her work can be seen in Otaku USA, Anime USA, Jotaku Network, and Sprudge.