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Nagomi’s Earcleaning App Brings VR Relief to Smartphones

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Have you ever wanted to meet an anime character face to face?

is an app for iOS and Android that lets users dive headfirst into the world of anime and manga, spending time with a cute kimono-clad character named Nagomi. Thanks to stereophonic sound you’ll not only get to see her in her own virtual space, but you’ll actually feel as if Nagomi is whispering into your ear. It’s the kind of app you need to experience for yourself, and you’ll be able to do so when the bilingual version of



devices on July 1.

The story begins when your cousin Nagomi contacts you to see if you’d like to come over for some fun. You head to her rural town, where the two of you used to play as children, and are immediately surprised at how mature she’s become. After an extended catch-up, you find yourself so tired you can barely stand up, but Nagomi has the perfect object to make you feel better. 

can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, and while you will get the full experience with VR goggles, it’s possible to interact with a smartphone and headphones only. You can see a sample of Nagomi and her relaxing, free smartphone game in the promo below, and look forward to trying it for yourself when it launches on July 1.

Those attending this year’s Anime Expo—which will be held July 1-4 at the Los Angeles Convention Center—can also try out

at booth #4421. 

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