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My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected -Monologue- Manga Sets End Date

my youth romantic comedy

The My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected -Monologue- manga first started serialization in Monthly Big Gangan magazine back in September 2012, aiming for a more direct adaptation of the anime that is itself based on the light novels by Wataru Watari. Now, according to the April issue of Square Enix’s magazine, the series is set to end soon.

According to the announcement, the My Youth Romantic Comedy is Wrong, As I Expected -Monologue- manga will come to an end in the next issue of the magazine, which goes on sale in Japan on April 25. 

There are currently 21 collected volumes of the Monologue manga. While Yen Press doesn’t publish this specific manga, it does publish the English versions of the original novel series and Maomichi Io’s separate My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected manga, describing the story like so:

Hachiman Hikigaya is a cynic. “Youth” is a crock, he believes–a sucker’s game, an illusion woven from failure and hypocrisy. But when he turns in an essay for a school assignment espousing this view, he’s sentenced to work in the Service Club, an organization dedicated to helping students with problems in their lives! How will Hachiman the Cynic cope with a job that requires–gasp!–optimism?

The novels have inspired three seasons of My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU anime, with the third having premiered in July 2020. A 10th anniversary project recently began for the series. 

Via Anime News Network