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My Tiny Senpai Episode 6 Delayed

my tiny senpai

The fourth episode of the My Tiny Senpai anime—based on the manga written and illustrated by Saiso—was delayed from its originally scheduled air date, and now the same thing is happening to the sixth. My Tiny Senpai season 6 was supposed to air in Japan on August 12, but the broadcast has been pushed back by one week to August 19.

The My Tiny Senpai anime is being directed by Mitsutoshi Sato (episodes of My Stepmom’s Daughter is My Ex), with Keiichiro Ochi, Yasuko Aoki and Satoru Sugizawa on scripts and Hayato Hashiguchi and Hiromi Ogata on character designs for the project. No.9 production. 

The manga has been serialized online since 2020. It currently has five collected volumes.Crunchyroll streams the anime and describes it like so:

When Shinozaki started his new job, he never expected his superior to be so…cute!? He was struggling to learn the ropes until Katase, his adorably tiny and kind senpai, took him under her wing. She goes above and beyond to ensure Shinozaki feels comfortable—even rubbing his shoulders when he’s tense. But as they grow closer, Shinozaki hopes her devoted attention might mean something more.

Source: Official Twitter