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Mega Monster Battle Hits English-Friendly Home Video in April

What is Mega Monster Battle, you ask? I’m glad you’re curious, because it never gets old to talk about a movie that features fifty, count ’em FIFTY Ultramen working together to put a stop to Ultraman Belial and his monstrous horde.

Thus is the full title of Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend: The Movie a highly appropriate one. If the prospect of an Ultraman overload is appealing, then prepare for a treat, because the Japanese DVD and Blu-ray releases both include English subtitles.

Though both the special and regular editions of the DVD will require equipment that can play Region 2 discs, the Blu-ray will work on standard equipment. Follow those links if you fancy yourself both Ultra-obsessed and import savvy.

Lastly, check out the trailer below if you haven’t seen it yet:

Source [Twitch]