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Martial Master Asumi Manga Ends in Shonen Jump

martial master asumi

The latest issue of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine brought with it the end of Kawada’s Martial Master Asumi manga. The final chapter was published in this year’s 11th issue, bringing the series to a close.

The third collected volume is set to hit shelves in Japan on March 4, 2024, followed by the fourth and final volume on May 2. The manga first kicked off in June 2023, and comes after Kawada’s previous series, Hinomaru Sumo, which ran from May 2014 to July 2019.

VIZ Media and MANGA Plus published the manga digitally and the latter describes the story like so:

Nito is living a quiet high school life while taking care of his disabled grandpa, but thanks to an encounter with a schoolmate striving to be a pro female MMA fighter, his life is about to flip. Sometimes, you just have to fight! This serious MMA story is an all-out battle!

Via Anime News Network