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Make a Girl Anime Film Unveils 1st English-Subtitled Teaser Trailer

make a girl

Gensho Yasuda is getting ready to release his first anime film in Make a Girl, for which the creator is writing, directing, storyboarding, and handling technical direction and CG direction at his Yasuda Gensho Studio by Xenotoon production house. An event was held to unveil more details for the production, including the first English-subtitled teaser trailer, a pair of teaser visuals and additions to the cast and staff.

Here’s the subbed teaser:

The visuals come in light and dark versions, asking “which is the real me?”

Cast members include Atsumi Tanezaki as Number 0 and Shun Horie as Akira Mizutamari, with their respective designs pictured below.

There’s also robot assistant Salt, who Akira co-developed, but no cast member has been revealed just yet.

Beyond all the work Yasuda is putting into his production, newly revealed staff members include sound director Yuichi Imaizumi, as well as Tsutomu Ueno on sound effects and Kenichiro Suehiro on music composition.

The film version of Make a Girl originated with Yasuda’s 3D short “Make Love,” and follows high school boy Akira as he develops Number 0, an artificial girlfriend. The film was crowdfunded via Campfire in 2022 to the tune of 23,730,805 yen (about US$160,000).

Via Anime News Network