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Mahou Tsukai ni Narenakatta Onna no Ko no Hanashi Anime Shares More Details

Mahou Tsukai ni Narenakatta Onna no Ko no Hanashi

More information has been revealed for Mahou Tsukai ni Narenakatta Onna no Ko no Hanashi (The Story of the Girl Who Couldn’t Become a Wizard), the upcoming TV anime from Project Anima. The adaptation of Yuzuki Akasaka’s novel is now set to premiere this October, and you can see a new teaser promo, visual, and more on the staff behind it below.

Here’s the brief teaser:


Takashi Watanabe (Rave Master, Slayers) is serving as chief director, with Masato Matsune (Reign of the Seven Spellblades) directing and Hiroko Kanasugi (First Love Monster) on scripts for the J.C. Staff production.

Here’s how the Everystar website describes the original novel:

Kurumi Mirai, a freshman in high school. In the Letran Magic and Magecraft School, the one institution that trains the top-class “wizards” of the International Mage Alliance, she has already secured top marks since middle school. And yet, when she reached high school and took the selection exam to get into the “Magic Group” class that trains wizards, she did not get in.

In the next class, there were students taking the test to become fully fledged wizards, and among them was a student whom Kurumi admired.

How will Kurumi adapt and grow with not being selected despite her boundless intellect?

And what of the goals of the top-class wizard Minami Suzuki, Kurumi’s new homeroom teacher?

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