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Magical Explorer Light Novel Series Lands Anime Adaptation

magical explorer

Another piece of new adaptation news out of this weekend’s Sneaker Bunko 35th Anniversary Festa! event had to do with Iris and Noboru Kannatsuki’s Magical Explorer light novel series. The books are getting an anime adaptation, and Kannatsuki whipped up the above illustration along with the reveal.

No further information has been revealed about the adaptation at the time of this writing. 

The light novels and Yukari Higa’s manga adaptation are both available in English via Yen Press, which describes the series below.

Living in the world of MagicalExplorer, the legendary erotic game, sounds like a dream. Problem is, I reincarnated not as the lady-killer protagonist with his overpowered cheat skills, but as his unlucky comic-relief best friend!

Via Anime News Network