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Macross Frontier Movie On The Way

It should be common practice, really. My personal demand when any show I’m watching wraps up is that there better be a movie to either plug up all the odds and ends or, heaven forbid, recap everything in a condensed amount of time. I’ll be honest, this sounds like it might be the latter, but we’ll have to see for ourselves as more info surfaces!

Here’s the skinny as it is: During the 25th and final episode of Macross Frontier, a theatrical version of the series was announced. What with this being the 25th anniversary of the franchise, one would hope it would get a big theatrical celebration, so we’ll keep you updated on the particulars of the movie once we know more. I suppose fans of the show win either way, because, you know, the show ain’t over till the movie’s credits roll.

Source [Gigazine via ANN]