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Key’s Prima Doll Project Gets TV Anime in 2022

prima doll

The latest mixed media project from visual novel developer Key is Prima Doll, and the first announcement for the series is a TV anime. A premiere is currently lined up for sometime in 2022, with figures and novels to get in on the cross-media action.

Tensho (Rewrite) is directing the anime, with Touya Akano and Kai on scripts and series composition and Akane Yano on character designs for the Bibury Animation Studios production.

The characters of Prima Doll:

Characters include Haizakura (VA: Azumi Waki / Design: Na-Ga), Karasuba (VA: Tomori Kusunoki / Design: fuzichoco), Gekka (VA: Miyu Tomita / Design: Yui Hara), Houkiboshi (VA: Yuki Nakashima / Design: En Morikura), and Retzel (VA: Akari Kito / Design: lack).

Check out a teaser trailer while we wait for more:

Via Crunchyroll