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Kenji Studio’s Coluboccoro Anime Kickstarter Nears Funding Goal

Not too long ago we were remarking how more anime is moving off the America-based Kickstarter and onto Japan-based crowdfunding platforms.

Well, here to prove us wrong is Coluboccoro, a new fantasy anime project from Kenji Studio.

The good old “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” philosophy played a part in Kenji Studio’s using Kickstarter for their Coluboccoro campaign: the studio, run by director Kenji Itoso, successfully funded their previous film Santa Company via the service.

Coluboccoro, which started life as a short film in 2011, is nearly at its $38,000 goal with 21 days remaining. The goal for the Kickstarter project is “to do the English translation, subtitling and to put the film on DVD/Blu-ray,” while a $100,000 stretch goal adding extra scenes to the film for a 30-minute runtime.

While this is an exciting project, here’s another crowdfunding idea: how about raising some funds for that other film Kenji Itoso is attached to, Satoshi Kon’s The Dream Machine? We’re looking at you, Masao Muruyama.



Source: ANN

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