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JUJUTSU KAISEN Jump Festa Event Will No Longer Feature Takahiro Sakurai

takahiro sakurai

Voice actor Takahiro Sakurai—who voices Suguru Geto in the JUJUTSU KAISEN anime among many other roles—has been in the news of late due to the reveal of an extramarital affair that has been going on for the past decade. There has been some fallout since news came out, and the latest has resulted in Sakurai no longer attending the JUJUTSU KAISEN stage talk show panel that’s set to be held at this year’s Jump Festa ’23 event on December 17. 

Tabloid newspaper Weekly Bunshun broke the story on October 26 with a report claiming that Sakurai has been engaged in an extramarital affair with a writer for his travel radio show P.S. Genki Desu. Takahiro. Talent management agency Intention released a statement shortly after to acknowledge the report and apologize to fans, the unnamed woman who was also engaged in the affair and anyone else who may be involved. 

Beyond Suguru Geto, other roles for which Sakurai is known include Reigen in Mob Psycho 100, Griffith in Berserk, Giyu Tomioka in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, Sasori in Naruto Shippuden and many more. 

Via Anime News Network