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Join the Unforgettable Girls’ Last Tour Anime in a Premium Box Set

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There’s something uniquely beautiful about a desolate, barren expanse. It might not be what we expect when the world we once knew is done and dusted, but it’s the roaming reality of the unforgettable Girls’ Last Tour anime, now available on Blu-ray in a features-packed Premium Box Set.

girls' last tour

As the massive cityscapes of the past lie silent and empty, two young girls named Chito and Yuuri traverse the land in search of people, artifacts of the past, and maybe even some insight into what happened to this once rich and populated world. Their journey would be lonesome were it not for their strong bond, and it might even be fruitless were they not so intrigued by every new discovery, no matter how minor.

Chito and Yuuri’s journey proves that hope can bloom out of even the most ostensibly hopeless of situations. The world can still be beautiful even after it’s all over, and there may yet be another chapter past all the rubble and ruin.

girls' last tour

Based on the manga by Tsukumizu, the Girls’ Last Tour anime is directed by Takaharu Ozaki (Goblin Slayer, Occult Academy), with Kazuyuki Fudeyasa (Is the order a rabbit?) on series composition for the WHITE FOX production. The box set packs the complete series with a storyboard booklet and special booklet, as well as a metal dog tag, sticker sets, and more. Order your copy of the Premium Box Set to join this tour today and experience pure post-apocalyptic beauty for yourself.

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