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Japanese iPhone App Tells Time the Otaku Way

Japanese company Flight System Consulting has put out a strange little iPhone app that tells you the time via a message delivered from the mouth of your favorite anime archetype.

While you won’t find any officially licensed characters in Toki-Doki Dokei, whatever your particular itch may be is likely to be scratched in voice form, even if the messages are in Japanese only.

Hear the time of day as shouted by a tsundere-type girl, a “Lolita-fashioned” maid, a traditional Japanese girl, a “cute little sister,” a big brother type, or even a… hungry… little girl. Okay, I don’t really know what that last one implies, but have at it.

It appears these voice types are all sold separately for $2.99, and are available worldwide. Here, for example, is a glimpse at Sachi Miho, AKA the “hungry little girl.” The link will prompt you to open via the Apple Store. Let us know if you go nuts and download a hungry girl or big bro of your own.