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Japanese Anime Market Hit Record High in 2017

It’s about to be Christmas for anime industry data crunchers: the Association of Japanese Animations, also known as the AJA, is putting out their yearly report next week.

As a bit of a teaser, they’ve revealed one number every would-be Nate Silver wants to get his or her hands on: the total number of yen the market brought in in 2017.

It’s a happy number: income in the anime market at large reached the 2 trillion yen mark for the first time, coming in at a grand total of 2.1527 trillion. That’s about 19 billion of our American Dollars.

That, reports ANN, is an 8.1% increase over 2016.

It’s also a whopping double over 2002, the earliest date provided by the AJA. Aside from a few small dips, the industry has been growing since then. That big overall income number hasn’t fallen since 2009, either.

The lower chart is pretty innarestin’, too. The solid line represents domestic (that is, Japanese) sales while the dotted line is the rest of the world. While us here in kaigai haven’t quite overtaken domestic Japanese sales yet, we’re sure getting close. AJA attributes a large chunk of that overseas growth to China.

With no mega-hits like Your Name in 2017, movies saw a decline, while live events ticked up yet again. Turns out otaku love leaving the house as much as the next guy.

The full report comes out December 4, so we’ll hit you with some more pretend 538 analysis next week.

Source: ANN

Matt Schley

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