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Ishura Anime to Stream Globally on Disney+


Last month saw the reveal of an anime adaptation of the Ishura novels, written by Keiso and illustrated by Kureta. Now we have more information, including the fact that the series will stream on Disney+ worldwide. More details will be revealed during next week’s AnimeJapan 2023 event, but for now we also have a couple more cast members to check out. 

In addition to the previously revealed leads—Yuki Kaji and Reina Ueda—the latest cast additions include:

Akio Ohtsuka as Seijaku naru Hargent (Hargent the Silencer):

Jun Fukuyama as Hoshihase Ars (Ars the Starrider):

Yen Press publishes the original light novels in English and describes them like so:

In a world where the Demon King has died, a host of demigods capable of felling him have inherited the world. A master fencer who can figure out how to take out their opponents with a single glance; a lancer so swift they can break the sound barrier; a wyvern rogue who fights with three legendary weapons at once; an all-powerful wizard who can speak thoughts into being; an angelic assassin who deals instant death. Eager to attain the title of “True Hero,” these champions each pursue challenges against formidable foes and spark conflicts among themselves. The battle to determine the mightiest of the mighty begins.

Via Crunchyroll News