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I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami Anime Reveals Details

I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami

Aki Murakami’s Sazanami Soushi ni Shojo o Sasagu ~Sae, Jikkuri Ai Demasho ka~ manga, AKA I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami. Now, let’s take our time to love her., is getting an anime adaptation, and some new details emerged via the official website. In addition to a streaming debut planned for March, which will put it slightly ahead of the April 2 TV premiere, we have a fresh look at the main staff and cast for the series. 

The show will have both an on-air version and a premium streaming version, the latter of which will be more explicit. As such, different actors are on board for each version. Yoshiki Nakajima and Dai Kuki voice Soushi Sazanami in the on-air and explicit versions, respectively.

Saho Shirasu and Satomi Miura do the same respectively for Nagisa Amami. 

Daiki Hamano voices Tomo Hinata in the on-air version while Tetsu Watake voices him in the premium version.

And Shuji Inozuki and Kota Mashiro are the on-air/premium voices for Shibata.

The explicit premium version will be exclusive to the AnimeFesta service.

The I give my virginity to Soushi Sazanami anime is being directed by Sanae Nagi (Everything for Demon Ling Evelogia), with Eeyo Kurosaki (The Titan’s Bride) handling scripts and Katsuyuki Sato (Fire in His Fingertips) on character designs for the Studio Hokiboshi production. 

Via Anime News Network