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Hiro Mashima Invades Comic-Con

The list of guests attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con just keeps growing and growing, and now you can add Hiro Mashima of Rave Master and, more recently, Fairy Tail fame to that list. This comes well after the announcement that Bleach‘s Tite Kubo will be attending, which surely caused a legion of shonen manga fans’ heads to explode.

While that’s a tough act to follow, Mashima’s latest title is apparently enjoying some well-deserved success, making it the strongest launch for Del Rey since Negima. I’ll admit I was skeptical when the first two volumes arrived here, thinking that it looked more like an Eichiro Oda imitation than anything else, but <?color><?param 0000,0000,EEEE>I was pleasantly surprised<?/color> after reading them.

So who’s going to SD Comic-Con? I KNOW I AM!