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Gundam Seed Freedom Drops Ending Theme Music Video

Gundam Seed Freedom Drops ED Music VideoGundam Seed Freedom, the long-awaited feature film sequel to Gundam Seed/Gundam Seed Destiny, hits theaters in Japan on January 26.

In anticipation, there’s a new music video out today featuring the film’s ending theme song, “Sarigiwa no Romantics” by See-Saw. See-Saw previously contributed multiple Seed themes, including the original series’ first ED.

Meanwhile, the main theme, “FREEDOM” by Takanori Nishikawa and t.komuro, was revealed back in November.

Here’s how Gundam.info describes the story of Gundam SEED FREEDOM:

C.E. (Cosmic Era). An era in which there are human beings called Coordinators, born with superior physical and mental abilities thanks to genetic modification, and humans called Naturals who are born naturally. With their respective existence at stake, the ideological clash between Coordinators and Naturals escalated into war using armed force.

Along the way, the Destiny Plan was proposed, which would forcibly assign a role to each individual and create a world free of competition. But amid the fighting, this Destiny Plan was rejected in order to protect humanity’s aspirations and future freedom.

Source: ANN

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