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Get a Lesson in War from Gegege Creator Shigeru Mizuki

Courtesy of Assitant Professor at Concordia University, Matthew Penny, that is. He recently translated Gegege no Kitarō creator Shigeru Mizuki’s “War and Japan”, which is a much more than timid critique of Japan’s actions before and during World War II. Originally published in Shōgaku Rokunensei (Elementary Sixth Grader), “War and Japan” lends an autobiographical take on the events, and sheds some light on Mizuki’s personal criticisms on everything that transpired.

Give it a read if you have a few minutes. It’s not very long, and it’s a really interesting and personal short from a renowned mangaka. In the midst of the various Kitarō projects that are being hyped, it’s nice to see something less fantastical from Mizuki receiving the translation treatment online.

Source [Icarus Comics via ANN]