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Funimation Samples Escaflowne’s New Dub

Thanks to the success of an earlier Kickstarter campaign, the 20th anniversary of The Vision of Escaflowne anime will be celebrated in style this October. Funimation’s Blu-ray/DVD releases of the series and movie arrive on October 18, and a pair of promos are here to preview the new English dub for both. 

The full dub cast includes:

Van Fanel – Aaron Dismuke
Hitomi Kanzaki – Caitlin Glass
Merle – Alexis Tipton
Allen Schezar – Sonny Strait
Folken Fanel – Vic Mignogna
Dilandau Albatau – Joel McDonald
Millerna Ashton – Colleen Clinkenbeard
Dryden Fassa – Eric Vale
Eriya – Felecia Angelle
Naria – Michelle Rojas

Here’s a look at the collector’s edition TV anime set and movie: 

Source: WTK via Crunchyroll