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FUNimation offers free episodes on Youtube

Seeming to ever be on the forefront of digital distribution of anime in the US, FUNimation has just gone Youtube! Starting now, FUNimation is offering whole episodes of Blue Gender, Peach Girl, and Kiddy Grade to watch for free on Youtube, in addition to trailers and teasers for Burst Angel, Afro Samurai, Baldr Force EXE, and more. If you’re one of those sneaky pirates that’s always trying to watch bootlegged anime online, why bother struggling to find part x of y episode when you can just go straight to the source and watch it on FUNimation’s Youtube page?

Additionally, FUNimation has just added Aquarion, Basilisk, Desert Punk, Glass Fleet, Jyu-oh-sei, Shuffle, Trinity Blood, and Witchblade to their list of series available for download-to-own on iTunes and Xbox Live•the later seven of which are all available subtitled as well as dubbed.

Lastly, on the subject of FUNimation series, Right Stuff is currently discounting all Dragon Ball Z-related merchandise at 40% off DVD’s and 30% off all other products. If you’ve been meaning to pick up some of those re-mastered box sets, now would be a good time to do it.

Source (FUNimation)