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FUNimation Announces Soul Eater Not! Anime Dub Cast

The limited edition Blu-ray/DVD collection of the Soul Eater Not! complete series is due out on April 30, which is right around the corner. With the release date looming, FUNimation went ahead and announced the English dub cast and shared a sample video clip.


Tsugumi – Bryn Apprill
Anya – Alexis Tipton
Meme – Lindsay Seidel
Shaula Gorgon – Bryce Papenbrook
Akane Hoshi – Ian Sinclair
Clay Sizemore – Elizabeth Maxwell


ADR Director – Zach Bolton
Assistant ADR Director – Cris George
Script Writer – Bonny Clinkenbeard

FUNimation’s synopsis:

Get ready to meet the newest class at Death Weapon Meister Academy! Tsugumi Harudori and her outrageous friends make up the NOT class at this stylish school dedicated to training living, breathing weapons and uniting them with the Meisters who’ll wield them! Soul Eater fanatics will be psyched to meet these epic new characters – and catch up with all their favorites from the original series. Don’t miss a minute of the adventure as Tsugumi and her pals weave their own exciting tale of deadly life at DWMA!

You can pre-order the set and check out the full list of details and features on FUNi’s shop page.