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FUNimation Acquires RoboGeisha

The folks at FUNimation have been kicking off 2010 with a series of press releases, most of which have been fairly interesting thus far. Were it more in line with our particular niche I would have loved to fully report on their acquisition of various Shaw Brothers titles, but we’ll have to settle for this brief mention before I get to today’s meat: RoboGeisha.

It’s no secret that we’re looking forward to the next rowdy flick from Machine Girl director Noboru Iguchi—which debuted in Japanese theaters last October—and it’s nice (as well as somewhat surprising) to see that FUNimation has acquired the rights to distribute it.

According to FUNimation’s official RoboGeisha page, the film is coming… in 2010. There was no mention of a more specific date in the press release, but we’ll update this once it appears.

In other live-action news, FUNimation also announced their acquisition of Yoichi Sai’s Kamui Gaiden.

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