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Extreme Hearts TV Anime Shares New Key Visual

extreme hearts

In the near future of Extreme Hearts, Hyper Sports featuring power-up-enhanced gear has become popular among both children and adults. Hiyori Hayama is a second-year high schooler with no connection to these sports, but a chance encounter leads her and her friends to grow closer and pursue athletic ambitions. We’ll be able to see this all unfold when the original anime from the writer of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha premieres this summer, and the latest update is here with a new key visual.

Masaki Tsuzuki is credited with the original work and screenplay, and Extreme Hearts also features direction by Junji Nishimura, original character designs by Waki Ikawa, and character designs and chief animation direction by Issei Arakaki. The main cast members revealed thus far include Ruriko Noguchi as Hiyori Hayama, Miho Okasaki as Saki Kodaka, and Kana Yuuki as Sumika Maehara.

Key visual:

Via Crunchyroll