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Experience WasabiCon NOLA in Its Inaugural Year!

wasabiconFeatured Spotlight: WasabiCon

After starting as the Orlando-based Wasabi Anime club back in 2001, the company now known as Green Mustard Entertainment eventually launched its own WasabiCon convention in 2012. Now, one of its spinoff conventions is getting ready to kick off its inaugural event, and you can buy tickets now to be among the first to experience WasabiCon NOLA in New Orleans!

Much like its flagship event, WasabiCon NOLA focuses on five key facets of fandom: Anime (including manga and Asian culture), Cosplay, Kpop, Tabletop Gaming and Video Games. There’s a ton to look forward to across all these spaces, from celebrity Q&A panels to a cosplay competition, IdolFest, maid café and even the official after party hosted by Purikura Panic!

Some of the guests attendees can look forward to include voice actors like Adam McArthur (Yuji Itadori in JUJUTSU KAISEN), Amanda Miller (Sailor Jupiter in Sailor Moon Crystal) and even the inimitable English voice behind Naruto, Maile Flanagan, as well as YouTubers like ProfOtaku, cosplayers and much more.

It’s all going down across over 32,000 square feet of the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, LA from May 11-12, 2024. Secure your tickets and book a hotel room today for an unforgettable weekend of pure concentrated fandom!

** This article was sponsored by WasabiCon **