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Discotek Licenses Dai-Guard and Requiem from the Darkness

Discotek Media did its usual posting on Facebook earlier today, this time showing off some upcoming cover art along with release schedules for both February and March. Among those lists were a couple new anime licenses, including Requiem from the Darkness and Dai-Guard

The 13-episode Requiem from the Darkness Complete Series DVD collection, based on the novels by Natsuhiko Kyogoku, is due out in February. Here’s the synopsis from Australian company Madman:

The setting is the end of the Edo period amid political strife and human suffering. Young Momosuke, an aspiring author, sets out on a journey to collect 100 stories to make into a book. Right away he meets up with a trio of outlaws: Mataichi the Trickster, Ogin the Puppeteer and Nagamimi the Bird Caller. 

As they travel, the group encounters the most twisted and horrible parts of human nature. It is the task of this group to punish each person in a manner fitting their crimes – a gruesome undertaking to say the least… Thus, the bells of the requiem are heard throughout the land…

The 26-episode Dai-Guard Complete TV Series DVD collection is due out in March. Here’s the story premise from ADV’s previous release:

To defend the planet from the onslaught of an evil alien force, the Earth’s greatest minds and biggest corporations assembled to design a giant robot of incredible power. However, the contract wound up going to the lowest bidder, and the robot-killing machine came off the production line with several serious flaws. The good news; by the time the flawed robot was ready, the mysterious invaders had disappeared without a trace. The bad news; the invaders have returned and the only thing keeping them at bay is a young team of office workers who’ve been supplementing their regular incomes as part-time pilots and tour guides. Can these reluctant heroes halt their alien foes while simultaneously concealing the defects in their giant robot?