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Demon Lord, Retry! Manga Sequel Inspires Anime

demon lord retry!

After Kurone Kanzaki’s Demon Lord, Retry! light novel story, Amaru Minotake added an R to the title for its manga sequel series, and now that followup is getting an anime adaptation of its own. The official Maousama, Retry! social media accounts shared the first news along with word that the series currently has 1.9 million copies in circulation.

As for details such as staff, timing and even the format of the anime adaptation, we’ll have to wait for further information.

Here’s a look at the announcement:

The original anime adaptation of Demon Lord, Retry! aired starting in July 2019, with Hiroshi Kimura (episodes of BLUELOCK) directing and studio EKACHI EPILKA producing. The Demon Lord, Retry! R manga is available in English through J-Novel Club, which describes the series like so:

The Demon Lord continues his adventure in this re-vamped series! After encountering the mysterious entity in the lowest level of the Bastille Dungeon, he sets out for Hellion Territory, where Grand Devils vie for domination of the realm. With the addition of a new advisor—the (seemingly) hopeless optimist Akane—the Demon Lord’s army grows even more colorful, and their hijinks even wackier.

Via Crunchyroll News