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Daryl Surat Is Coming to Anime Fan Fest 2016

We’re adding another awesome guest! Otaku USA Magazine writer Daryl Surat is coming to Anime Fan Fest – 5/6-8 at the Garden State Exhibit Center!

Daryl Surat finds it hard to believe he’s been attending anime cons for almost 20 years now and doing panels for about 15 of those years. As a cohost of the award-winning Anime World Order podcast, now celebrating its 10th year, and a writer for Otaku USA Magazine, his audio-video presentations are designed with one goal in mind: make people realize what cool cartoons and comics exist out there which they can go check out. Granted, it’s really all a grand scheme to corrupt America’s youth through Japanese pop culture, but you’re already at this convention of your own free will, so you may as well dive into the deep end!

The whole “geek chic” movement came a little too late for him as Daryl’s an “otaku” in the old-fashioned sense, but he’s accumulated all sorts of knowledge about Japanese animation, action cinema from around the world, video games, and pro wrestling as a result. And in the hopes of keeping the “maniac” otaku spirit alive, he’ll pass some of this information onto YOU, intrepid con-goer!

Anime Fan Fest is presented by Otaku USA Magazine and will take place May 6-8 of 2016, at Somerset New Jersey’s Garden State Exhibit Center. To reserve tickets, click here. To learn more about the guests scheduled, go here.

Stay tuned for more details!