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#COMPASS Anime Reveals More of Its Mobile Game Adaptation in New Trailer


Mobile game #COMPASS -Combat Providence Analysis System is inspiring a TV anime, and while it’s not set to premiere until 2025, we have a new trailer to show off more characters from the game. We’ll have to wait for further details, including the staff behind the production, but you can see a sample in the video below. 

Here’s how NDN Playart Corp. describes #COMPASS: 

#COMPASS—Combat Providence Analysis System is a real-time online strategy game in which three players team up and battle against other teams to capture points placed on a virtual map. One battle lasts for three minutes. In addition, to prepare for battles, players can collect skill cards that allow a variety of strategies through different card combinations and arm themselves with the strongest deck of cards. This is a PvP game of an entirely new genre, in which the elements of action games, strategy games and card games are all condensed and packed into three-minute-long battles.

Via Crunchyroll News