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An Older Guy’s VR First Love Manga Inspires Live-Action Series

An Older Guy's VR First Love

Tomoko Boryoku’s An Older Guy’s VR First Love manga first kicked off on Ichijinsha’s Zero-Sum Online website in 2020, and now it’s getting a live-action adaptation. NHK announced plans for a live-action series, which is currently lined up for an April 2024 premiere.

The series will star Toru Namaguchi as Naoki Endo in real life, with Anna Kurasawa playing Endo’s online persona Naoki and Hiroe Igeta playing Honami. Mash Morino is handling scripts and directors include Teruyuki Yoshida, Tomohiro Kuwano, Shunsuke Nakamura and Shinichiro Ishikawa. 

Kodansha USA publishes the An Older Guy’s VR First Love manga in English and describes the story like so:

Naoki is forty years old, single, male, and a temp worker. But in the world of VR, he takes on the form of a lovely young girl. There, he meets his first love—the cheerful and beautiful Honami.

Real life, for Naoki, was a failure. The VR world where he escapes to is coming to an end, too. But in those final moments, he finds her…

Via Anime News Network