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16bit Sensation ANOTHER LAYER Anime Reveals Premiere Date and More

16bit Sensation ANOTHER LAYER

The 16bit Sensation ANOTHER LAYER anime is based on an original manga that illustrator Tamiki Wakaki collaborated on with Misato Mitsumi and Tatsuki Amazuyu of visual novel/game developer Aquaplus, and new info debuted for the project this weekend. Set in 1992, the story follows Meiko Uehara, who starts working part-time at a PC store, which is actually its secondary function. The store also functions as a maker of bishoujo games, and Uehara suddenly finds herself tasked with drawing illustrations for adult-rated games after one of the staff members departs.

According to the official website, the anime is set to premiere in October 2023, and while it’s based on the manga series it will tell its own original story. Aoi Koga will voice the anime’s original protagonist, Konoha Akisato, and Atsushi Abe will voice Alcohol Soft member Mamoru Rokuda. Other cast members include Ayako Kawasumi as Kaori Shimoda and Yui Horie as Meiko Uehara. 

The 16bit Sensation ANOTHER LAYER anime is being directed by Takashi Sakuma, with Masakatsu Sasaki as character designer and Yashikin composing the music at production house st. Silver. Shoko Nakagawa, AKA Shokotan, will perform the opening theme song, “65535.”

Via Crunchyroll News